A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Fight your rival! In Barrel Rampage, you fight against other player, destroying barrels and each other!

Choose your favorite weapon - You can shoot a cannon or a Sub machine gun, it is up to you!

Kaboom! - Destroy more barrels than your enemy to win!

Gotta go fast! - The time is running, hurry up!

This game was developed based on Unity´s tutorial project, "Tanks!"

Link to Source Code: https://github.com/pucspcos/projetocos2017-barrel-rampage

Developed by:

André Franco - 2D/3D Artist 

- facebook.com/AndreLRFranco

- AndreLRFranco@gmail.com

Renan Dores - Game Designer, Programmer, Sound Designer/Composer 

- facebook.com/renan.s.dores 

- renandores18@gmail.com


Renato Biasoli - 3D Artist

- facebook.com/renato.biasoli 

- rfbiasoli@gmail.com

Install instructions

Download .zip, extract to desired folder and double click on .exe file. Remember to keep Data folder on the same folder where .exe is located.


BarrelRampage-Windows-V1.1.zip 114 MB
BarrelRampage-Linux-V1.1.zip 114 MB
BarrelRampage-Mac-V1.1.zip 107 MB

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